(Step 1) Telephone System / MOH Player Model.

Telephone audio process begins with sharing the type, brand, style, or model of your current telephone system. In other words, is it a PBX system, VOIP, or computer based software system, etc. Once we know the type and model of your system we can proceed with your on-hold message, main greetings, and other audio production.

(Step 2) Audio Requirements.

Next we need to know the kind of telephone audio messaging you require. Do you want a single business greeting, an auto-attendant menu style greeting, a on-hold message, group audio blast, or do you require a telephone audio package? Once known, you can proceed to the next step. The creation of scripts.

(Step 3) Script Creation.

Next, gather copy points, and info you wish to share with callers on your phone greetings and telephone messages. You can see examples of audio greetings, after-hours messages, on-hold messages, voicemail messages, etc here. A on-hold message will usually include several short paragraphs, or “bullets” used to produce your message. If requested we charge $50 to create scripts. Save money by doing so on yourself.

(Step 4) Voice Over Talent Style.

Your telephone audio production, or on-hold message includes 1 male OR 1 female voice over talent for your messaging. A 2nd talent can be requested at an additional talent fee of $50. Depending on the demographic of your callers, that being mostly men, woman, kids, etc, this will usually determine if you should use a female, male, or both on your content.

(Step 5) Background Music Choice.

Once you pick a service, send your script, and select a voice talent, consider the music type if any. This too depends on your business type, and typical age of your callers, etc. We will discuss this later, as music choice is VERY important to reflect your company image, brand, and the the overall sound of your greetings, or on-hold messaging

(Step 6) Approval and Delivery

Finally, after we have gathered all the above, and produce your telephone audio messaging, we email the audio content to approve. If there are any changes required, we will handle those changes, and then finalize a master of each audio production for delivery in the format proper for your telephone system.

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