All of our Telephone Audio services include your choice of free professional music within your telephone audio productions. Many clients elect to add music within productions at their business.

Why Use Telephone Music? We highly suggest you have music added to your business telephone greetings, also within your message on-hold productions.

How Do I Choose? The age, sex and demographic of your callers, should be kept in-mind when choosing your music. For example you might use “classic rock” for adult male callers, or “light rock” music for younger calls, and “calm relaxing” music for clinics. The proper music genre has proven to help further retain the caller on-hold, and improves their patience waiting on-hold for a representative.

Does It Cost Extra? Of course not. We include any music choice as part of your telephone audio production. You can use our final mixed telephone audio production on your telephone as long as desired.

What are My Music Choices? Below are the primary telephone music styles , or categories we offer royalty free with all audio productions. Listen to the samples at right, then when placing your order, choose the music style you prefer on the audio production form.

Can We Have Two Music Styles? Some clients on occasion do ask for a 2nd version of their productions using different music. (e.g. patriotic and holiday versions) We charge $25 per additional mixed “single greeting” version of your greetings, and $50 per on-hold message. Just mention it when you place your order.

  • Note: these are just examples from each genre and may NOT be the exact piece used. Our studio director will select a proper music choice within the category you select.

-Acoustic Guitar/Piano:




-Soft/Easy Listening:

  • Note: These are only several of our music categories. if you have a particular style you prefer, please mention t when submitting your final production form after payment.

-Classic Rock/Alternative:







Keep in mind, you can elect to NOT have music added to your main greetings. However it is very important to use, and select the right music category for your caller base, within your message on-hold productions. On-hold messages should always have music, to retain the consumer while on-hold.

Need help creating your telephone audio scripts?

Use the link below, to see examples of telephone scripts for your audio services. It’s easier than you might think, to create effective telephone greetings, and on-hold messaging scripts.

Doing so yourself, will save you cash. After all, you know best what your callers should hear about your company, product, or service. NO worry we will “word-smith” the scripts once sent to our studio.