If you’re a client looking for an update to your past, older model message on-hold player, look no further than Telephone Audio. We can arrange for a new Digital USB Style message onh0ld player for you business. The OHP8000 allows you to simply drag and drop our mp3 audio file from your email, to your USB drive, then remove the USB from your pc, or mac, and plug it into your Digital Player. Reboot and that is it. Your new audio will begin to play automatically.

Review the OHP 8000 below, and save cash when you bundle a new OHP-8000 USB Player, with your Telephone Audio Production service.

OHP-8000 USB Product Description
Download OHP 8000 Spec Sheet

Cost: $199 with production service or $279 without production service…

The OHP 8000 USB Message On Hold system is intended for use with a PBX or Key Phone System. This is a state-of-the-art continuous-play USB Flash Stick audio player. The OHP 8000 is suitable message on-hold, background, pa, or playback via any sound system with audio inputs. Continuous playback begins immediately after boot up, playing your MP3 file(s) from the USB Flash Drive in the order on the stick. Just add music or on-hold messages to your USB memory stick, place the stick into the unit and playing begins. It’s ready right out of the box too.

-Plays audio directly from any USB Flash Drive (128MB drive included)
-Instant continuous audio playback from any Flash Drive
-Copy any MP3 file from your PC to the USB flash drive
-140 hours of playback time via any 2GB USB Flash drive
-Suitable for background music, store-casting and message on-hold
-Rugged anodized aluminum enclosure built for any environment
-Built-in monitoring speaker
-Flash memory design: retains music/message content even during power loss
-Auto-start: automatically begins continuous playback after a power outage
-Volume control and RCA and 3.5mm mini audio cables (included)
-110/220v switching adapter with US and VDE plug adapters
-Easy wall mounting kit included free
-3 Year manufacturer’s warranty